Spray Tanning Tips

spray tanning tips

Get the most out of your spray tan

If it’s your first time for a spray tan or you’ve been going for some time these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your spray tan.

What to do before your spray tan

Wax or shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan to allow your pores to close and skin to settle back down.

On the day of your spray tan you may want to exfoliate your skin, especially dry areas of your body like your elbows, knees and heels. Don’t use an oil based scrub.

What to do at your spray tan appointment

Try to come to your booking free of any moisturisers, deodorant, lotions, perfumes or sprays. They may act as a barrier and prevent your tan from adhering as much as it could. If it’s been unavoidable, let your technician know and they will give you a moistened towel to wipe yourself down.

Wear loose clothing after your appointment. Pants and a long sleeve top is best because it minimises skin to skin contact. If it’s a very hot day you may want bring a towel to lay on your car seat if you are driving to stop any bronzer from transferring onto your seat.

Let your spray tanner know how strong a tan you are after, whether you want a bronzer and when you will be able to shower. A bronzer will give you immediate colour while you are waiting for the tan to develop. Your spray tanner will select the right tan for your skin tone and based on the factors above.

You will be advised when you can shower. Black Magic tans will not leave you feeling sticky and your skin will feel the same afterwards as it did before the tan. Any bronzer that may rub off onto your clothes will wash out.

While your spray tan is developing

Your spray tanner will advise you when you can shower to get your individual desired results. This will depend on the tan’s development speed that has been selected, your colour tone and the desired depth of the tan. Your therapist will also take into consideration when you will be able to shower as some of us need to return to work afterwards!

Avoid getting wet or doing anything that will make you work up a sweat.

Your tan will take 1 to 8 hours to develop.

Showering after your spray tan

Follow your tanning technician’s instructions when you can shower. This will vary depending on the type of tan that has been applied and your desired look.

For Express and Rapid Tans lightly rinse your body for 30 seconds. Don’t use a washer or any soaps because your tan will continue to develop after you have rinsed off your bronzer.

For 8 Hour and Overnight Tans shower as normal.

You’ll see the bronzer wash off down into the shower. This is just the bronzer and your tan is still developing. Pat dry.

Maintaining your spray tan

Moisturising is your best friend. Check your soap or shampoo doesn’t contain sulphates because these can strip your tan prematurely. Swimming in chlorine can also cause your tan to fade earlier than it would normally so use Tan Lock to stop this from happening.

Your tan will last 7 to 10 days depending on aftercare. Black Magic tans will fade like a natural tan.

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