Follow these instructions to ensure you get the best results from your saline tattoo removal and to avoid complications such as infection or scarring. Tattoo removal is a process and patience is required.

Please note visible results are usually seen between 2 to 5 sessions. We don’t know how many sessions you will need until we do them. Results cannot be foreseen, predicted or guaranteed. Factors on determining how many sessions you will need include how much pigment is in the skin, how deep it was implanted and if removal or lightening is the desired outcome. Sessions must be spaced 8 weeks apart. The skin must fully heal.

  • Keep the area clean and uncovered
  • Do not touch! If you must ensure your hands are clean.
  • Do not ice
  • Blot the area with saline and gauze (or a paper towel) 3 to 4 times a day
  • Do not allow the area to get wet for an extended period of time. No swimming, bathing, steam rooms or saunas. When showering it’s ok to get the area wet briefly if it’s unavoidable, pat dry the area immediately after.
  • No sun exposure or exercise until the scab has completely lifted away naturally.
  • Allow the scab to run its course and flake off when it’s ready. Do not pick or scrub off.
  • After scab has completely gone apply Vitamin E oil 3 to 4 times a day with clean hands or applicator.
  • If the area being treated is the lip vermillion, use a straw until scab has completely lifted and eat food that can be cut up and placed into the mouth to chew, avoiding the lip area. Avoid active toothpastes that contain peroxide etc. Keep mouth expressions to a minimum.

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