We have been providing machine brows sine 2014. Using a permanent makeup digital machine and ultra fine needles our brow tattoo procedures include nano brows (machine microblading), powder mist brows and combo brows.

Machine brows are better for your skin and provide better results than microblading hand tools. We do not use microblading hand tools.

We are trained in pigment colour theory and practicing strict hygiene and infection control, so you know you are in safe hands at Always Elegant.

Need to know how to look after your brow tattoo? Aftercare instructions can be found here.

We offer free consultations for our brow tattoo services.

Nano Stroke Brows Digital Microblading

Using a digital machine, hair strokes are created to create a natural looking brow. We choose this method over a microblading hand tool because there is less trauma to the skin, better healing and fantastic results. With the digital machine method, the pigment is punctured into the skin with a very fine needle, instead of the slicing action of a microblading tool.

Ombre Powder Mist Brow Tattoo

Powder Mist Brows creates a beautiful powdered eyebrow with a soft edge. This is an excellent brow tattoo choice if you want to create density or need to cover up an existing brow or microbladed tattoo where the pigment has softened out and hair strokes are no longer the best option. Powder Mist brows is a very gentle procedure on the skin.


This is a powder mist brow with some hair strokes at the bulb of the brow. Can usually be done on brows with an existing tattoo. A very popular brow tattoo choice.

Brow Tattoo Colour Correction

Has your existing brow tattoo faded over time to a colour that needs correcting? We are able to do colour corrections on brows that have faded all sorts of tones including too ashy or too warm.

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“I’ve always been nervous about anyone touching my eyebrows in a salon (thank you, tiny eyebrows of the 90s), but Merryn does a FANTASTIC job on mine.”

– Jesse, Google review