Microblading and Brow Tattoo Removal can be done on all or part of the brows and we can target precise sections of the tattoo down to the millimetre. For targeted removal, for example, we can remove or lighten specific hair strokes (say if the bulbs are too close together) or if you have a double tail or if the tattooed brow tail has lowered due to ageing.

We use the saline tattoo removal method. This is a very effective form of cosmetic tattoo removal and has many benefits compared to laser removal. It will not inhibit hair regrowth and all pigment colours can be lightened or removed, including white.

Saline tattoo removal can be performed on brow tattoos, eyeliner tattoo including migrated eyeliner and small body tattoos. We use local anaesthetic for your comfort. 1 to 5 sessions are usually required. Sessions can be performed every 8 weeks.

Saline tattoo removal works by a process called osmosis. The skin is needled using very fine needles with the removal solution and the tattoo is drawn up and out of the skin.

The skin will form a scab after the treatment. This scab will contain the pigment that was pulled out during the procedure. The scab will flake off approximately 5 to 10 days later. You will be able to see the results from the treatment at this time with full results visible at 8 weeks. Sessions can be done 8 weeks apart.

Another reason to choose saline removal over laser is the removal is localised. The pigment is pulled out of the skin. Laser alternatively breaks down pigment particles into smaller particles which is then absorbed in the lymphatic system to then be expelled by the body and some people may not wish to have tattoo pigments absorbed into their system for health reasons.

The needling of the area during the procedure will reduce any scarring produced by the slicing action of the microblading. We see this a lot in the tail areas of the brows in particular that have been microbladed using hand tools. (We do not use microblading hand tools at our salon, we do machine work only.)

In addition, the needling action of the procedure can regenerate halted hair growth.

This is why saline tattoo removal is the preferred method for microblading removal at Always Elegant.

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Saline Tattoo Removal 3 sessions

Microblading Tattoo Removal 3 sessions

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