Lip Blush is a cosmetic tattoo which creates a soft blush of colour over the lips. We can create hues in coral, nude, pink and red. Lip Blush can create definition, warmth, correct hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Lip blush can correct a lip vermilion border that has been left uneven or patchy from lip fillers or a scar. We can also colour correct hyperpigmentation before we apply the target colour and this is included and complimentary in the treatment.

The treatment includes 2 appointments; the initial treatment and the follow up perfection visit, aftercare kit, local anaesthetic and pigment sealant. We use Li Pigments, one of the most trusted cosmetic tattoo pigment lines globally (passes stringent global safety tests), we practice strict hygiene and infection control and have been providing cosmetic tattooing since 2014.

Because Lip Blush is a tattoo it is considered a permanent makeup treatment, however, you will likely find it to fade over time. Refresh treatments are available for returning clients for those wanting a colour boost.

Need to know how to look after your lip blush tattoo? Aftercare instructions can be found here.

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Lip Blush Tattoo before and after

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“I’ve always been nervous about anyone touching my eyebrows in a salon (thank you, tiny eyebrows of the 90s), but Merryn does a FANTASTIC job on mine.”

– Jesse, Google review