Is Microblading a Tattoo? Busting the Myths

MIcroblading is tattooing. (This work done with a digital machine)

Is Microblading a tattoo?

Microblading is a tattoo. The top layer of skin is sliced open with a blade and the tattoo pigment on the blade is pushed into the skin during the process. When the skin heals, the pigment remains under the top layer of the skin, creating a tattoo.

When a rotary or digital machine is used to create cosmetic tattooing, a needle perforates the skin and the pigment on the needle is pushed into the skin. Both treatments provide a cosmetic tattoo.

We have found for some clients microblading can seem like it’s not a tattoo and are more open to it as a treatment. The sound of the machine is absent. The word tattoo is also often not associated with the treatment, even though as explained above, it is in fact a tattoo procedure.

Also, people are more familiar with the term microblading. It’s been part of our lexicon for a few years now. Nano Brows, Feather Brows, Feathering or Hair Stroke Brows are names commonly used to describe hair strokes created by a digital machine and are terms not used as much as microblading, so they are less understood as providing the same cosmetic tattoo treatment.

Sometimes, some PMU artists use the term Microblading for machine work.

Is Microblading a semi permanent treatment?

Cosmetic tattooing whether it’s with a microblading tool or digital machine will fade and soften over time. It is unlikely to completely disappear and in this respect you cannot say it is semi permanent. This is why the term permanent makeup or PMU is often used to describe cosmetic tattooing.

How much your brow tattoo will fade will depend on how much pigment was implanted, how dark the pigment is, how much time has passed, your lifestyle and other factors.

What can I do if I want to remove my Microblading?

If you want to remove your microblading we recommend using the saline method of removal which we offer here. It will lift and lighten the brow tattoo. Treatment often takes a few sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart. The saline flushes the pigment out of the skin and the average session is 45 minutes providing good results.



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