How long do eyelash extensions last?

Lash Extensions close up

We are often asked how long eyelash extensions last for. It depends on your natural lashes, the lash extensions you get and aftercare. Generally, a full set of Luxe eyelash extensions will last for a few weeks and many clients come back every two to three weeks for infills to maintain them.

Ways to make your eyelash extensions last:

– Avoid getting oil based products on the lashes. Oil can weaken the glue bond. Oil can be found in some cleansers, make up, sunscreens and moisturisers. Your fingers also secrete a small amount of oil so it’s best to touch them as little as possible.

– Avoid sleeping on your lashes. This can be hard if you are, um, not awake. Are you already a regular eyelash extension wearer and find you lose extensions on the outer corner of one eye in particular? Chances are that’s the side you sleep on.

– Don’t pluck out your eyelash extensions. If you have found a stray extension that has all but grown out, resist plucking it out. Lashes are similar to brows. Plucking can stop regrowth. So this is a big no no. Instead, use a clean mascara brush or a sealant and keep it swept into place until it grows out or until your next infill appointment.

– Use a sealant. Sealants protect the extensions from oils, air pollutants and dust. Using a sealant with a mascara brush applicator will also sweep and position lashes that are growing out back into place. Black tinted sealants are great for brown or blonde regrowth. Pro tip; dab excess sealant from brush before applying.

– Choose lash extensions that your natural lashes can support. If you have fine natural lashes and wear lash extensions regularly choose lashes that are light such as lashes with a small width, shorter lashes or volume lashes which use fans of very fine lashes. Lash extensions with a much greater weight to the natural lash could cause your natural lashes to shed prematurely and this can cause thinning out. Your natural lash cycle is approximately 60 days.

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