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Henna Brows

Treatment Profile; Henna Brows

Henna Brows is the latest in brow beauty treatments. It is similar to a brow tint but it lasts for much longer and, unlike brow tint, it is specifically designed to stain the skin, as well as the brow hairs.

Henna Brows can stain the skin for up to approximately 2 weeks and the brow hairs for up to approximately 6 weeks. This is a huge difference to a brow tint which, although is not designed to do so, may stain the skin for 24 hours if you’re fortunate.

Henna Brows is a fantastic ‘set and forget’ beauty treatment and is perfect for active and busy lifestyles, saving time in the mornings. Henna Brows creates density and fullness to the brows and can correct an uneven brow shape even when there is no or little brow hair.

The darker henna colours tend to last longer than the lighter colours so this is a treatment we recommended for medium to dark brown to black brows. The blonde henna colours will also produce great results but will appear to fade faster. However, for many clients this is not a concern.

Henna Brows can be done in conjunction with waxing, threading or a brow lamination.

Henna Brows is a great treatment to get if you are considering a brow tattoo and want to see how it will look before committing to permanent makeup.


So what happens in a henna brow appointment?

If you are getting the brows shaped too, they are waxed, threaded or tweezed into the shape discussed and agreed on at the beginning of the booking during the consultation process.

The skin has to be very clean and lightly exfoliated to achieve an optimum henna skin stain. Using a special henna preparation product, the brows and area around the brows are lightly scrubbed and cleansed.

Henna Brows mid treatment

After this, a white wax pencil is used to map and draw the brow design on the face. You will get to check the design and any changes can be made at this point. Then the henna paste will be painted on the inside the white wax outline.

The henna will process for approximately 20 to 30 mins. Your stylist will check on your brows during this process and may remove the henna off the beginning of the brows to create an ombre effect, depending on the desired outcome.

After which, the henna is removed and you are good to go!


Henna Brow Aftercare

  • Do not exfoliate the area
  • Do not use cleansers on the brows
  • Splash with water to clean and pat dry
  • Henna Brows works best on normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin the skin stain may not last as long however the brow tint will not be affected.





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