Eyeliner tattoo is a great get up and go permanent makeup solution. If you have trouble applying eyeliner because you can’t do it without your glasses on, have difficulty making your eyeliner wings even or you find your eyeliner smudges or disappears throughout the day then this treatment could be for you.

Eyeliner tattoo is a fantastic treatment for active and busy lifestyles and is a perfect ‘no makeup makeup’ solution.

We are able to do eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids or only the top. Local anaesthetic is used for your comfort. Treatment, including preparing the site, prenumbing and drawing the design on, takes approximately 2 hours in total.

The eyeliner can be a wing or a wedge depending on what you want and also the shape of your eyes and where your eyelids are positioned. During the design part of the appointment (or at one of our free consultations), we will draw the eyeliner shape on you for you to check and approve.

Eyeliner Tattoo is usually done in a cool black, warm black or brown coloured pigment.

We use iron oxide pigments near the corners of the eye (inner and outer canthus) and on vascular lids. We do not tattoo near the tear ducts.

You will be required to return for a follow up perfection visit. This is particularly important for eyeliner tattoo because we approach the first treatment cautiously. Particularly if we have not worked on your skin before. So sometimes this means some of the pigment is not retained after the first visit. Very occasionally 3 appointments are needed to complete the treatment.

The treatment includes 2 appointments; the initial treatment and the follow up perfection visit, aftercare kit, local anaesthetic and pigment sealant. We use Li Pigments, one of the most trusted cosmetic tattoo pigment lines globally (passes stringent global safety tests), we practice strict hygiene and infection control and have been providing cosmetic tattooing since 2014.

Refresh treatments are available for returning clients for those wanting a colour boost.

Need to know how to look after your eyeliner tattoo? Aftercare instructions can be found here.

We offer free no obligation consultations for our eyeliner tattoo services.

Eyeliner Tattoo

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“I’ve always been nervous about anyone touching my eyebrows in a salon (thank you, tiny eyebrows of the 90s), but Merryn does a FANTASTIC job on mine.”

– Jesse, Google review