Cosmetic Tattooing

One of our most popular services; we have provided cosmetic tattooing solutions for thousands of clients. At Elegant Lashes our results are subtle, undetectable as cosmetic tattoos, and will enhance the natural beauty of the face. Each client receives a thorough consultation and is tailored a solution for their needs.

Our specialties include Feather Stroke Brows, full or partial, Ombre Powder Wash Brows, Lip Blush, Lip Liner and Blend, Eyeliner with or without wings, and Inner Eyeliner which is placed within the lash line. We also fix and correct bad cosmetic tattooing.


We provide free no obligation 25 minute consultations. Our cosmetic tattoo specialist will draw the design on so you can see what it will look like and will answer any questions you may have about the treatment.


FREE for a limited time. (Normally 80) 25 mins
Our corrective cosmetic tattooist specialists provide a thorough consultation on your options and will created a tailored solution for your requirements. The fee for a consultation is waived if a booking is made or if the service is carried out on the day. All Cosmetic Tattooing services include a thorough consultation so please select this if you are not booking in for a tattoo service but do want a consultation about it to discuss the possibility.

Price list – Eyebrows


(2 hrs 15 mins)
Fine hair strokes (also known as feathering or nano stroke) are recreated for a natural brow lift and correction by our cosmetic tattooist specialists. We use a nano stroke digital machine technique which provides better results to microblading.


Lasts approximately 2 years depending on the depth of the colour and aftercare. It is recommended to have a refresh once a year to maintain the tattoo. Each client receives a thorough consultation and is created a tailored solution for their requirements.


(120 mins)
Ideal for gaps, outer corners or whenever only a partial tattoo is required. Each client receives a thorough consultation and is created a tailored solution for their requirements


(1 hr 30 mins)
For tattoos that are starting to lighten. Recommended once a year. For returning clients only. 


(60 min)
For adjustments to your eyebrow tattoo style.


For soft natural brow shading with no hard edges. Lasts approximately 2 years depending on the depth of the colour and aftercare. It is recommended to have a refresh once a year to maintain the tattoo. Each client receives a thorough consultation and is created a tailored solution for their requirements.


(60 min)
Available for all cosmetic tattooing appointments.


(60 min)
Available for all cosmetic tattooing appointments.


240 or 595 for 3 sessions (45mins)
The pigment is removed by injecting saline into the brow treatment area in the same method it was tattooed. The skin is left intact and the treatment is less painful than other ways of removal. In addition, fewer treatments are usually required. Sessions can be performed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Price list – Eyeliner


(1.5 hrs)

Eyeliner tattoo with or without wings. Under eyeliner included.


(60 mins)

Eyeliner tattoo is discreetly placed within the lash line to make eyes stand out without looking like you are wearing make up, creating a very natural look.



Select this if you require a special design including shading, extra long wings or something else.

Cosmetic Tattooing packages







One of our cosmetic tattooists specialists answers your frequently asked questions

What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is similar to the traditional technique of tattooing. A real tattoo is applied on the eyes and eyebrows. Since the colour can last for a few years, the purpose is to correct the shape of the eyebrows and eyes by increasing the intensity of your physical traits.

Eyebrows are corrected using the hair stroke technique; single hairs are tattooed along the brow line for a natural optimal look. In consultation with the client our cosmetic tattoo specialists draw the correction and shape first before any tattooing begins.

Corrective cosmetic tattooing is for adults of all ages. We do not take into account the trend of the moment but rather emphasise the delicacy of the proportions of your face. The difference between the classic tattoo on the body and the cosmetic tattoo is in the type of pigments and the type of experience of the tattoo artist.

Cosmetic tattoo pigments are bio-absorbable in the dermis, which is why the colour weakens over the years, unlike classic tattoo pigments that remain in the dermis which are rich in preservatives and other synthetic components.

How long does cosmetic tattooing last for?

The lasting length of cosmetic tattooing depends largely on the type of ink used and the type of skin. The pigments I use are certified and are bio-absorbable pigments in the dermis with an ultra-low allergy risk.

Cosmetic tattoo pigments are designed to fade away after a few years. This is to avoid a change in the pigment colour that the acidity of the skin can cause over a long period of time and to avoid the tattoo correction from losing shape which could happen as the skin ages and changes form. It’s very clever.

Black is the most durable colour of all, for instance a black eyeliner can last up to 6-8 years; a black inner eyeliner up to 4-5 years. Brown and dark brown, which is often used for eyebrows, can last around 5-6 years, and the range of blonde pigments from 2 to 4 years. A yearly touch up is recommend to keep the tattoo looking fresh if you don’t wish it to fade.

Does getting a cosmetic tattoo hurt?

Yes, it does… a little bit! For the brows the pain is bearable and manageable and it is comparable to a small sting while you are being tattooed. The eyes and lips are the more sensitive than the brows and we provide numbing cream for these areas so you won’t feel anything. Most clients choose not to use it for brows.

Will there be any swelling from my cosmetic tattoo?

A bit of swelling and redness are quite normal following treatment. The pressure exerted by the needle to push the ink into the dermis “scratches the skin” which is irritated by the presence of something foreign. Redness and swelling will last no longer than one day. The next day it will be as if nothing had happened!

What if I don’t like my cosmetic tattoo?

Our method of work is very precise; before we design the form we carefully take into account the proportion of your face, your taste mediated by common sense, and the colour of your skin and hair. We then draw the shape of the tattoo which is done so carefully it can take up to an hour for eyebrows.

Once you are pleased with the design and consent, the tattoo is applied. The tattoo immediately after treatment will look stronger than it is due to the immediate swelling and redness that may occur. This will usually go by the next day and within a week it will have completely settled.

We offer a complimentary 4 week follow up appointment for all our services where a touch up can be applied if needed. We prefer for the first treatment to tattoo reservedly and then add if needed during the touch up.

Cosmetic tattooing is applied tenderly and there are many factors in the process; hygiene, technique, knowledge, and above all, common sense!

What is your most popular service?

Eyebrow correction. Eyebrows are the part of the face that we can change easily and are subject to fashion and fads. Eyebrow styling changes approximately every 10 years and this is where we tend to unconsciously fit the fashion of the moment.

Think of the 60’s and the 90’s where eyebrows where waxed, plucked and tweezed to a very fine form. In the 80s and today eyebrows are shaped to a much more natural line. You can see this in contemporary fashion magazines.

Cosmetic tattooing can correct irreversible changes to the brows from over grooming and plucking where hair can often grow back sparser or not at all.

It can also make lighter brows and finer brows look fuller and thicker.

What has been one of your most unusual request?

The most unusual request is to tattoo a letter or a butterfly. My response has always been no because we specialise in facial cosmetic tattooing, tattooing on the body is different.

Have you ever refused any requests? Why?

Yes, it happens rarely. If a client clearly doesn’t need anything done and may have issues with body dysmorphia we will politely and respectfully refuse treatment. Other occasions the client may have an idea for the design which would not be flattering to their face. However, we are usually able to work through these instances and demonstrate and explain why it wouldn’t be a good idea and what would be better.

How long does a cosmetic tattoo take to heal?

For best results once the tattoo has been done it must to be treated as a superficial wound. The first week is very important to take care of; the top layer of the skin dries out slightly and removes itself and the skin underneath starts to regenerate and heal itself. It usually takes a cycle of one month to completely heal, and this is the reason why a touch up, if needed, is recommended after this time period.

During the first month the skin is most vulnerable and should be protected with a special cream, we recommend Bepanthen, and avoid direct sunlight on the area and chemicals.

What can I do for aftercare for my cosmetic tattoo in the long term?

After the tattoo is finished, it is important to treat it in the first month of healing, especially the first 2 weeks. We recommend the use of Bepanthen to keep your skin hydrated and protected. The tattooed skin will be dry for some days because it needs to regenerate.

The most frequent recommendations during this period are; put a layer of protective cream before taking a shower as water and soap are enemies of healing. Do not scratch if you feel itchy as itching is a sign that the skin is in the process of healing. Avoid chemical treatments on the skin and AVOID the tattooed area in both the healing phase and in the future, as this may cause the colour to change. Do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight during the first summer. In the future you will be able to expose this area to sunlight without any problems however the use of sunscreen is recommended to preserve colour.

Will black ink fade to green like old tattoos I see on some people?

No, the black pigment will not change. The inks we use are of the highest quality and are certified. The mixture of the pigments chosen is extremely balanced and does not allow the colour change. The black remains black and when it begins to fade (as the colours are bio-absorbable over time) it simply loses the black intensity. The same applies to other colours.

Why do advise a 4 week touch up?

When we choose the shape and colour of the tattoo, it is always done with caution because it will last for years. So during the first application we prefer to stay light and create a small change in the event of retouching. During tattooing the skin will slightly swell. This means the actual form of the area can change form slightly, and this is another reason why we use caution and retouching. Other times, the skin does not hold colour well, so retouching is necessary. Other times there is no need.

What do you like most about what you do?

The thing we like most is to make people feel good! It’s amazing how a little corrective work can give us more confidence. We have a passion for aesthetics in beauty and this is directed into helping people feel and look more beautiful on a daily basis without the need for more invasive cosmetic proceedures that may not make us feel at ease.

We are fascinated by the connection we have with our clients; they entrust in us and we give them the best of us to create a solution for their needs.

What do you like most about cosmetic tattooing?

The cosmetic tattooing is extremely practical and is the best substitute for corrective make-up. It is ingenious being able to create a long-time corrective make without the risk of it smudging or not being symmetrical or looking natural.

Today cosmetic tattooing boasts an array of new technologies; innovation in the range of colours available for all skin and hair tones and innovation in technology, especially in the hair stroke technique; feather stroke brows which creates the most natural looking of brows.

What we find most interesting is that corrective cosmetic tattooing can bring out the beauty in you without the need for make up. You wake up looking fresh and fabulous and ready to start the day!


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