Is Microblading a tattoo?

Microblading is a tattoo. The top layer of skin is sliced open with a blade and the tattoo pigment on the blade is pushed into the skin during the process. When the skin heals, the pigment remains under the top layer of the skin, creating a tattoo.

When a rotary or digital machine is used to create cosmetic tattooing, a needle perforates the skin and the pigment on the needle is pushed into the skin. Both treatments provide a cosmetic tattoo.

We have found for some clients microblading can seem like it’s not a tattoo and are more open to it as a treatment. The sound of the machine is absent. The word tattoo is also often not associated with the treatment, even though as explained above, it is in fact a tattoo procedure.

Also, people are more familiar with the term microblading. It’s been part of our lexicon for a few years now. Nano Brows, Feather Brows, Feathering or Hair Stroke Brows are names commonly used to describe hair strokes created by a digital machine and are terms not used as much as microblading, so they are less understood as providing the same cosmetic tattoo treatment.

Sometimes, some PMU artists use the term Microblading for machine work.

Is Microblading a semi permanent treatment?

Cosmetic tattooing whether it’s with a microblading tool or digital machine will fade and soften over time. It is unlikely to completely disappear and in this respect you cannot say it is semi permanent. This is why the term permanent makeup or PMU is often used to describe cosmetic tattooing.

How much your brow tattoo will fade will depend on how much pigment was implanted, how dark the pigment is, how much time has passed, your lifestyle and other factors.

What can I do if I want to remove my Microblading?

If you want to remove your microblading we recommend using the saline method of removal which we offer here. It will lift and lighten the brow tattoo. Treatment often takes a few sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart. The saline flushes the pigment out of the skin and the average session is 45 minutes providing good results.



We have been doing a lot of Lash Enhancement Tattoos at the salon lately. A Lash Enhancement is an eyeliner tattoo but it’s not an eyeliner design. It doesn’t run above the lash line. Rather, the permanent makeup is tattooed inside the lash line resulting in added definition. It’s perfect for every day and provides a subtle effect.

A Lash Enhancement is a fairly quick treatment and can usually be completed within an hour. The area is prepped and numbed. Following, two passes are done on each eye with a digital cosmetic tattoo machine. After the first pass a secondary numbing cream is applied which works on open skin.

Some clients, but not all, will experience a little swelling which subsides after a few hours.

The colour will look quite strong straight after the application. It will soften after it has healed. We recommend iron oxide pigments. Carbon pigments have a small risk of migrating. A Lash Enhancement can be done in a cool black, warm black, brown black, or brown pigment shades. We don’t normally recommend getting a fashion colour like blue or green because of the longevity of the tattoo. It’s best to pick a natural colour which you will be happy with for many years to come.

The downtime for a lash enhancement is minimal. After 5 to 10 days the graze created by the tattoo will begin to flake away. It’s best not to touch it and let it come away of it’s own accord or you may pull the pigment out.

We advise a 4 to 6 week touch up to perfect the lash enhancement. During the healing process after the graze lifts away it may appear the colour is no longer there. However this is normal and part of the healing process and at the 4 week mark the colour can be seen again.

Do not use makeup during the healing period. Our makeup tends to harbour bacteria in it from our use and you want to minimise the risk of infection as much as you can. Similarly, avoid activities which expose you to microbes like gardening. Avoid swimming, saunas, steam rooms and heavy exercise the first few days.

If you are using a lash serum we advise you stop for a minimum of 4 weeks before getting a lash enhancement and you will need to wait a minimum of 4 weeks to resume using it. It has been documented that on some occasions some lash serums can lighten the tattooed colour.

You cannot get a lash enhancement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you had injectables in the area within two weeks of your appointment or following.

After taking some time off after giving birth (it never sounds quite right saying “time off” as looking after newborns is round the clock hard work!), Wendy is returning to Elegant Lashes.

From November, Wendy is available for Cosmetic Tattooing appointments at our Bondi Junction salon. This is great news for our returning clients wanting to book back in for a brow refresh and also for our clients new to cosmetic tattooing as Wendy is able to perform all Cosmetic Tattooing treatments for the eyes and brows including Feather Brows, Ombre Brows, Powder Brows, Saline Removal, Eyeliner, Inner Eyeliner and Smokey Eyeliner.

Wendy mapping the brows during a consult

Wendy is particularly skilled at getting colour to hold on tricky skin types. Such as oily skin, older skin and Fitzpatrick V and Fitzpatrick VI skin types.

Cosmetic Tattooing consultations are free and there is no obligation to book afterwards.


Feather Brows

Feather Brows

Hair strokes can be created by a microblade tool or a digital machine. So what is the difference? Is one better than the other for feather brow tattooing?

Both microblading and the digital machine with a skilled practitioner will produce crisp lines and both can produce great results however the digital machine has many advantages over the microblade.

We’ve been specialising in feather brows for 5 years, in fact, one of the first salons in Sydney to do so. We have performed thousands of feather brow tattoos and continually update our training. From our experience and knowledge the digital machine is better and this is why:

The depth into the skin in which the pigment is placed is accurately measured by the action of the machine, which you just can’t do by hand with a microblade tool, and this creates a line that is consistent in depth and colour until it tapers off to the tip of the hair stroke.

Feather Brows with Digital Machine

Feather Brows with Digital Machine

The digital machine punctures the hair stokes into the skin whereas a microblade scratches a hairline across the skin. Cosmetic tattooing is a semi permanent treatment and most clients get a refresh once a year. If you get microblading done, multiple treatments of scratching the same area could lead to scarring. This is avoided with a digital machine application.

Microblading doesn’t often work with oily the skin. The colour doesn’t hold as well and in some cases may not take at all. So we always recommend a digital machine for feather brows to avoid this from happening.

Microblade Tool

Microblade Tool

Microblading often does not last as long as cosmetic tattooing with a digital machine and this is attributed to the shallowness of the application in comparison and the inconsistency in depth from applying the hair strokes manually.

So these are the advantages of a digital machine; consistent, even hair strokes, a colour that will hold longer even with oily skin, and avoiding the risk of scarring.

Now we are heading to winter it’s the perfect time to get your brows feathered. The sun is weak and the days are short, optimal for healing and hiding in the first couple of days when the colour can appear slightly darker!

Book in with Raman or Wendy, our feather brow specialists, for a free consultation, and as always, there is no obligation to book afterwards. Jump on our Instagram to check out our work.