Want your lashes to last longer? Keep them clean and the oil at bay with a lash shampoo. Mal and Merryn discovered this beauty innovation in lash retention when they recently went down to the Melbourne Beauty Expo.

Here’s a great little vid from renown make up artist Jenny Do showing you how to use it.

How to look after your cosmetic tattoo

Immediately after a cosmetic tattooing procedure the area treated will look about 50% darker than the final results. This is temporary, the colour will lighten and soften over 3 to 14 days. It is normal for the area to feel slightly tender or dry. Here are some instructions and tips to follow to look after your cosmetic tattoo.

Home care instructions

Purchase a small tube of Bepanthen Cream. This is a gentle antiseptic cream which assists in the skin’s natural healing process. It will prevent infections and scabbing and will hydrate and soothe the tattooed area. Apply every few hours for the first week, then twice a day for the second week, and always after showering (do not use soap on the treated area).

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area for the first 2 weeks. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and may cause the colour to change. If you are going out into the sun apply sunscreen to protect the area. You can cover the area with vaseline when swimming in chlorine water to prevent bleaching.
  • No make-up is to be applied on the treated area at least 48 hours. This can lead to infection and the colour to change. If you do use it, use brand new make-up to minimise infection. This is especially important with mascara.
  • No soap or cleansers on the treated area for one day.
  • Don’t scrub the treated area, crusting will fall off naturally please don’t force it.
  • Avoid using teeth whitening tooth paste if you have had a lip tattoo. Chemicals of any kind can interfere with healing and the colour.
  • Skin topicals that contain acids or retinol may lighten the colour prematurely with continuous use.
  • Don’t sit in a heated spa, sauna or steam room 2 weeks. Steam will open pores and may make the colour bleed out.
  • Do not wax, pluck or bleach the hair for at least 3 weeks after the treatment. If you are having laser hair removal or resurfacing, please inform the cosmetic tattooist prior to your procedure.
  • Do not use prescription Retin-A or Roaccutane for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment and 4 weeks after the treatment
  • No fillers or anti-wrinkle injections such as Restylane or Botox on or near the treated areas 2 weeks before or after treatment

Eyebrow Care

Immediately after and for next 24 hours continue to wipe the eyebrows. They will weep a clear fluid which is normal and part of the healing process. Wipe them gently to remove the fluid otherwise a crusting or scab will build up which is not what we want. As the eyebrow skin heals, the area can often form a slight crusting which will be flaking off naturally. Do not scrub off the flaking. After 5-6 days the brow tattooing will dramatically soften and lighten approximately 50%.

Apply Bepanthen Cream a minimum of three times a day for the first week. Then twice a day for the following two weeks until the skin healed and smooth. For maximum results cream must be applied every 2-3 hours for the first day and about every 4 hours for the next 5 days.

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Eyeliner Care

Expect the eye to be slightly tender 1-3 days. Swelling is minimal and with most clients it will subside within 24 hours. It is not necessary to apply any after care cream. If needed, apply a small amount of Bepanthen, less is better. Cold pads can be applied to minimise swelling. Do not use eye liner and mascara.

Lip Care

This area will take the longest to heal. The colour will be much brighter than the final colour for 7-8 days. It will then fade to no colour and re-appears after 3-6 weeks. Bepanthen Cream must be applied constantly as your lips will be very dry. Keep them moist with the Bepanthen cream and if you suffer cold sore use cold sore cream like Zovirax with the Bepanthen cream.

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Can I wear mascara with lash extensions? The short answer is yes and no. You don’t need to wear mascara if you have eyelash extensions. After all, extensions solve the problem mascara tries to fix.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to wear both. And, there are times you may prefer a more dramatic look. It is also a quick and temporary solution to add fullness to extensions that are overdue for an infill.

Some tips to wearing mascara over lash extensions:

– Wear a water based mascara. Oil based mascaras can shorten the life of your extensions. If you are not sure if your mascara is water based, there are specially formulated mascaras on the market for eyelash extensions such as Max2 Mascara Gold.

– Apply the mascara from mid lengths to tips. Never from the base as this can pull at the extensions.

– If you are using mascara to hide long-needed to be filled extensions use the tip of the mascara brush and apply on the natural lashes where there are no longer extensions. Then using the long side of the brush lightly apply over all the lashes.

– Make sure you thoroughly remove the mascara with a water based cleanser or remover to prevent build up of residue around the base of the lashes.

– All in all, the less you touch your extensions the longer they will last.


We are often asked how long eyelash extensions last for. It depends on your natural lashes, the lash extensions you get and aftercare. Generally, a full set of Luxe eyelash extensions will last for a few weeks and many clients come back every two to three weeks for infills to maintain them.

Ways to make your eyelash extensions last:

– Avoid getting oil based products on the lashes. Oil can weaken the glue bond. Oil can be found in some cleansers, make up, sunscreens and moisturisers. Your fingers also secrete a small amount of oil so it’s best to touch them as little as possible.

– Avoid sleeping on your lashes. This can be hard if you are, um, not awake. Are you already a regular eyelash extension wearer and find you lose extensions on the outer corner of one eye in particular? Chances are that’s the side you sleep on.

– Don’t pluck out your eyelash extensions. If you have found a stray extension that has all but grown out, resist plucking it out. Lashes are similar to brows. Plucking can stop regrowth. So this is a big no no. Instead, use a clean mascara brush or a sealant and keep it swept into place until it grows out or until your next infill appointment.

– Use a sealant. Sealants protect the extensions from oils, air pollutants and dust. Using a sealant with a mascara brush applicator will also sweep and position lashes that are growing out back into place. Black tinted sealants are great for brown or blonde regrowth. Pro tip; dab excess sealant from brush before applying.

– Choose lash extensions that your natural lashes can support. If you have fine natural lashes and wear lash extensions regularly choose lashes that are light such as lashes with a small width, shorter lashes or volume lashes which use fans of very fine lashes. Lash extensions with a much greater weight to the natural lash could cause your natural lashes to shed prematurely and this can cause thinning out. Your natural lash cycle is approximately 60 days.